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Water Filters

Water Filters are not a fad or a way for engineers to bump up the cost of repairs and servicing.

Unless your home is a new build or has been totally re piped there will be residual contaminants and sludge in your system if water health has not been maintained. A new boiler does not mean clean water, and particles and sludge can still damage a new boiler. Statistics have shown that 60% of new boiler breakdowns within the first twelve months are due to contaminated water.

British standards recommend a yearly check for lack of protective inhibitor, excessive acid or alkaline levels, and corrosion. A magnetic water filter is a good idea to maintain the health of your boiler and your heating system

Ask for Gas Safe ID Card

Sadly, there are still engineers out there who have no qualifications to work with gas who are still installing boilers. In recent months custodial sentences have been handed out to plumbers who claimed to be Gas safe registered and were not. They carried out work that was not to current standards and in one case dangerous. Please do not put your home and the ones you love at risk, always check that the engineer working on your gas installation is qualified and registered.

Do not accept a logo on a shirt or a vehicle as proof. Every gas Safe registered engineer has a gas safe card with his photograph on it. Ask to see it.

Be Smart, Be Safe.


Servicing: Stay Covid 19 Safe

Well here we are again its September the kids are back at school, life in England is returning to some kind of normality, though not fully for many. Our thoughts turn once again to the yearly round of servicing heating systems before mother nature sneaks up on us with a cold snap.

The thought of strangers coming into your home to service boilers, solar thermal and solar PV and heat pumps is worrying. Not just for you but for the engineers concerned as well. Being Covid 19 Safe is as important to us as it is to you.

Insist that masks are worn by any engineer, that they have sanitised their hands and equipment. Where possible open all doors that an engineer will have to go through to complete his work.

Door handles and surfaces that the engineer touches should be sanitized once the work is complete.

Remain isolated from the engineer while he is working in your home.

Engineers will want the absolute minimal access to your installations and will require you to remain elsewhere in your home while they carry out the service.

If you have someone shielding or showing signs of illness in your home do not hesitate to cancel the appointment.


Stay Safe

Have your gas appliances checked by a Gas Safe Registered engineer annually.

Do not accept a logo on a van or a shirt. A gas Safe registered engineer will have an ID card with his picture and registration number on it. A qualified gas engineer will not be offended if you ask to see it. If in doubt call Gas safe to verify the credentials of an engineer. Your life as well as that of your family, friends and neighbours could depend on it

It is illegal for unqualified individuals to carry out gas work.

Fit a CO2 monitor. If an appliance is not burning fuel efficiently it gives off Carbon Monoxide Gas. This is an odourless, colourless, tasteless, gas. Symptoms can present as a flu like cold.

Be safe, be smart, don’t cut corners with gas.

Odourless, Colourless, Tasteless and Deadly


CO2 is the silent killer of around 50 people each year. The symptoms are similar to a heavy cold or flu.

Any appliance that burns fossil fuel can produce CO2 if the fuel is not being burnt efficiently.

Don’t risk it fit an alarm.

Have your gas appliances regularly checked by a qualified and registered engineer.

Our engineer has many years of experience and is a registered member of Gas Safe.

Don’t Cut Corners With Gas

Gas safe registers campaign



Qualified Gas Engineers are a highly trained and heavily monitored group of people. They regularly undertake retraining and refresher courses to keep abreast of all the new regulations and innovations.

It is illegal for a none registered engineer to work on Gas installations and prosecutions are brought against those who flout the law.

Be sure your gas appliances are being properly installed and maintained. Check that the engineer in who’s hands you are placing the lives of your family as well as your neighbours is qualified and registered.

Don’t Cut Corners With Gas.


Prison for “Rogue Gas Installers”

In recent months several rogue gas installers have received prison sentences of twelve months or more.

The Health and Safety Executive have brought prosecutions against these rogue installers for dangerous works.

Home owners were put at risk by these individuals, from fire, explosion, and carbon monoxide poisoning.

They were convicted for leaving an installation in a dangerous manner as well as falsifying documents and making false claims about being gas safe registered.


Every gas safe registered engineer has an identification card with his picture and registration number on it.

A genuine gas safe registered engineer will not be offended if you ask to see his registration card.

If you are in any doubt at all you can go to the Gas Safe web site and check if your engineer is listed.

Or you can call Gas Safe on 0800 408 5500.

Landlords Be Aware

Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards come into effect 1st April 2018

This means that all domestic properties in the UK will not be eligible for letting if they are below an E rating.

Properties with a rating of F and G cannot have a new lease started, nor can a lease be renewed after this date.

The introduction of these measures are intended to enable the government to achieve in some measure the targets for reducing CO2 emissions.

These regulations will apply to commercial properties by 1 April 2023.

New, more eco-friendly heating systems and boilers can make all the difference to your energy ratings as well as your energy bills.

Low Carbon Installations Ltd are a company dedicated to helping Landlords and home owners to achieve a lower carbon footprint.








Chimneys can be detrimental to your health.


Do you have a gas fire that is vented into an old chimney?

Do you have adequate protection against birds dropping twigs etc. down the chimney?

Old fashioned chimney pots may be in keeping with your homes design but a fire that burns fossil fuel and is vented through an old fashioned chimney is a risk if it is not covered by a bird proof grill.

Chimney fires are on the rise and can cause considerable worry and concern as well as damage to your property and that of neighbours. Chimneys should be swept at least once a year, more often if you are burning wood. A bird proof cowl or grill should cover the chimney terminal.

The biggest concern of all is CO2 leaking back into your room. This is an odourless, colourless, tasteless killer. The symptoms present like a heavy cold or flu and as such the cause some times goes unnoticed.

CO2 is a killer.

Do not take the risk.

Have a professional fit your appliances

Have your chimney swept at least once a year

Protect the terminal with bird proof grills

Have gas appliances serviced once a year

Fit a CO2 alarm


Now is the ideal time to have your solar panels serviced.

Low Carbon Installations Ltd will tailor a quote to the requirements of your installation.

Solar Thermal panels are especially vulnerable to damage from freezing conditions. Glycol which is the liquid that transfers heat from your panels to your home contains an antifreeze. This liquid deteriorates over time and should it become too weak to cope with outside temperatures it could cause serious and expensive damage to your panels.


Solar Photovoltaic panels should be checked for damage to connections and the panels should be cleaned to maximise the benefits of clear, frosty, if shorter days.