Solar Batteries with Solar Photovoltaic panels

Rising prices and falling tariffs are making storage batteries look more and more attractive to domestic as well as commercial properties that have or are going to have Solar P V systems fitted.

Most offices and factories have a high daytime consumption of electricity. In the past any excess electricity produced was fed back into the grid giving the owners a small income from the suppliers of electricity. During the weekend and on the long light evenings of summer when those buildings were not open the whole of the produced electricity went into the national grid. The diminishing returns for this supply have focused attention on storage of power using solar batteries. The new innovations in battery production has meant they are now smaller and even aesthetically pleasing. A solar battery has a life between 10-15 years and don’t come cheep but in the face of quickly rising energy prices it’s an alternative worth considering.

Domestic property where the occupants are absent most of the day could benefit even more, as the minimal draw on electricity produced by Solar P V during the day to run appliances like freezers etc. means that more of the produced electricity goes into the batteries. This then can be drawn on in the evenings and at night when the occupants are at home. Batteries can be retro fitted to most installations as well as new ones.