Solar Thermal

Solar Thermal

Solar Thermal panels are most frequently fitted to the roof of a property
The aspect of the roof is at its optimum if south facing however East West aspects are also very effective.

Solar Thermal panels produce warmth and hot water for the home using the heat generated by the sun.
The panels are heated by the sun. This heats a liquid that flows around the system through a series of pipes. As the heated liquid passes through a coil inside your water tank it warms the water.
This is basically a heat exchange system.

This type of installation is very effective for high consumers of heated water, such as nursing homes, swimming pools, hospitals etc. It can also considerably reduce an average household’s consumption of electricity or gas to heat water as it keeps the water tank constantly warm and eliminates having to heat water from cold. Therefore energy bills will be reduced. As will your carbon footprint.

Design & Install
We at Low Carbon Installations can advise you as to the suitability of this type of installation for your property, taking into account orientation and shading issues from buildings and trees etc. There is the need for some space to accommodate a water tank if there is none already fitted, therefore it may not be suitable in small properties.

An annual inspection and maintenance of this type of system is strongly recommended as leaks, loss of pressure and the degrading of the circulating fluid can drastically affect the installations efficiency and cause serious damage to the solar panels