LED Lighting

  • LED Lights  come in all shapes and sizes.
  • For the home and commercial properties.
  • Stylish and functional
  • Using up to 90% less Energy
  • Longer lasting
  • Adaptable
LED Lighting

There are exciting new possibilities with LED lights. LED's instantly illuminate, they are long lasting and energy saving. They are the bright future of business and home lighting.
The technological advances made in LED Lighting has meant that they are now a more affordable alternative to previous energy saving bulbs.
LED’s can produce light equivalent to the 100w incandescent style bulb, and there is also a choice of dimmable bulbs.
They are the most energy efficient form of lighting, using around 90% less energy than the old style bulbs. This together with a life expectancy of 15 to 20 years makes the initial outlay seem less painful when you consider the reduction in your energy bills.
LED’s come in many forms from bulbs and strip lights to lengths of tape lights. They can be used in any room and also externally as they do not suffer from being in cold areas.
Tape lighting is an amazing and versatile way to illuminate areas of your home or workplace. It is produced on a roll, in a wide colour range as well as alternating colours. It can be controlled remotely and is dimmable and some are water proof and can be used outside.

From lighting up the area under a worktop in a kitchen, to mood lighting in a restaurant or bar, from illuminating the treads on a staircase to up lighting display shelves in a museum. LED lighting is flexible, adaptable, economic and reduces your energy consumption and lowers your co2 emissions

Design and Installation
The plodding pace of home and commercial lighting has changed forever. Now, more than ever before, the lighting industry is a fast moving and stylish innovator. With the simple changing of an old style bulb to an LED a home can save on energy costs and replacement bulbs. If the life expectancy of LED’s is even half what is claimed for them the savings are visible in this one aspect alone.
Low Carbon Installations have replaced light fittings in swimming pools, sports halls, offices, restaurants and museums. The developments that have eradicated the slow start up and low illumination of energy saving lighting has produced bulbs that equate more than favourably with anything that has gone before.
Our engineers have the experience and training to determine what would be required to update a properties electrical systems to accommodate a new installation of LED's. They can recommend and install the correct type of fittings to provide an efficient and economical system.