LED Lighting Maintenance Services

  • Maintain the quality of light.
  • Inspect Fittings for damage.
  • Inspect connections.
  • Clean off dust and foreign bodies.
  • Check controls and switches are in good working order.
  • Efficient quick service
LED Lighting Maintenance Services

LED Lights are an exciting prospect for those who wish to reduce the cost of lighting.
From the delicate and sculptural home lighting available, to the robustly efficient office and factory fittings, they all have one maintenance problem in common.
The life expectancy of LED’s is conservatively estimated to be around 15 to 20 years, possibly even longer.
However it does not follow that the same amount of light given out on first installation will remain constant. In fact as with all lighting types the light emitted will decrease, and designers take this factor into account when specifying the number of fittings to be installed.
It is less likely that anyone will notice a fall off of light if a maintenance regime is in place.
LED’s are less prone to pick up dust and particles from the atmosphere than other types of bulbs.
Yet pollution and dust will affect the amount of light given off over time. Given the number of years an LED is expected to last, it stands to reason that the longer the light is working the more dust and pollution it is likely to accumulate.
An environment that is inherently dusty, or as with a kitchen has particles of grease and dampness in the atmosphere, there will be a greater impact on light emissions over the years. If you consider you are more likely to have change the decor of an area once or maybe even twice before you need to change a bulb, a maintenance schedule is self-evidently necessary.

Important maintenance checks
An annual inspection is recommended to maintain the best possible illumination of LED lights.

Inspect fittings for signs of damage.
Inspect connections for any signs of corrosion or overheating.
Clean fittings of dust and foreign bodies
Check that controls and switches are in good working order.