Solar PV Scam

Solar PV Scam


We as members of MCS (Microgeneration Certificate Scheme) have been made aware of a scam concerning Solar PV.

Some companies have been contacting Solar PV owners claiming to be working in conjunction with MCS and offering free health checks on their installations.

These have been mainly cold callers and use pressure techniques and scare tactics claiming that, among other things, inverters should be replaced as the fire brigade will not attend any fire that may occur. This is absolutely false. Replacing the systems inverter is neither an automatic or mandatory requirement and the fire brigade does not pick and choose which fires they attend. Do not let these scam artists pressure you into making a purchase that is not required.

If you have any concerns about your system there are MCS members who, like ourselves, have always offered an inspection and maintenance service for Solar PV as well as Solar Thermal.

Low Carbon Installations Ltd offers an inspection service for solar arrays as well as a maintenance service. Should anything require attention our engineer will always discuss this as well as the cost with the owner. Only with their agreement  will we carry out any repairs that may be needed. All our work is carried out by trained and experienced engineers using quality proven parts. An annual inspection is recommended by responsible installers of all renewable energy but this decision remains firmly with the customer



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