Smart Meters

Smart Meters

Smart Meter, Why?

By the year 2020 energy suppliers have been tasked by the government to install smart meters in every home and business.

The idea behind smart meters is to inform and encourage the consumer to rethink and act on the information the smart meter gives them.

Armed with the knowledge of how much energy the consumer is using it is hoped that they will look at ways of reducing their consumption by instigating changes such as Low energy lighting, renewable energy sources, appliances that are of an eco-friendly design and timing the use of high energy consumption items to coincide with possible off peak rates.


The smart meter gives home owners and business managers the opportunity to understand their individual energy requirements. In turn this will help pinpoint changes that can be made to reduce their reliance on fossil fuel technology. Renewable energy sources can reduce use of external energy supplies, improve energy efficiency, and play a part in reducing the carbon footprint of the country as a whole.

However it must be noted that it has been discovered that many of the early meters lose the ability to function as a smart meter if the consumer changes supplier. The government is currently assessing this situation.

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